Schools for the 21st Century Program

Schools for the 21st Century Program

‘Schools for the 21st Century’ represented Puerto Rico’s largest public school modernization program in decades. In early 2010, the Government of Puerto Rico and specifically the PRPPPA had identified the need to invest in the modernization of public schools in Puerto Rico. The Government of Puerto Rico working jointly with PRPPPA developed a Design-Build-Maintain (DBM) program to modernize 100 public schools throughout Puerto Rico. The project represented a $756 million investment in public schools. This DBM project delivered improvements that benefitted approximately 50,000 students and generated significant cost savings.

After identifying and making a pre-selection of the schools to be modernized, CPM was selected by the PRPPPA as Technical and Procurement Advisor for the project. CPM’s role evolved into that of Program Manager, overseeing the successful implementation of the entire Program.

As Technical and Procurement Advisor, CPM was responsible to provide assistance in the formulation of PPP structure; development of procurement documents, including technical specifications; procurement of ‘school packages; assistance with proponents’ evaluation, selection and award; and, construction management, among other responsibilities.

CPM services included: Procurement Advisory, Permitting, Program Management, and LEED Certification Support.


  • Within three months of engagement, CPM developed procurement documentation and gathered fieldwork data that allowed the release of the initial requests for proposals (RFP).
  • CPM developed a streamlined procurement process that allowed for the efficient procurement, award and simultaneous construction of numerous schools.
  • CPM’s assistance allowed the client to meet aggressive timelines and obtain savings due to efficiencies in the process.
  • CPM facilitated coordination among numerous stakeholders, including multiple government agencies.

The Schools for the 21st Century program was selected by KPMG in its second edition of Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition as one of the top 100 infrastructure projects in the world.