MMG Tower

MMG Tower

CPM was selected as Project Manager for the MMG Tower. This project comprised construction of a 30 story office tower, parking facilities and recreational areas. CPM provided technical advisory, pre-construction, procurement advisory, project/construction management, and LEED Certification advisory.

The MMG Tower was designed to reduce energy consumption by making  optimum use of Panama’s climate to its advantage. A few examples of the project’s sustainable design include:

  • Green roofs that avoid the ‘heat island’ effect, and capture 95% of rain water to reuse in the building.
  • Motion detection sensors that control illumination in stairways, parking garages and other common areas.

Awards & Recognition:

Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Promoters, ACOBIR – Best Green Category Project

International Federation of Real Estate Professionals, FIABCI – Gran Master Real Estate