Join Us to Restore & Rebuild Puerto Rico

Join Us to Restore & Rebuild Puerto Rico

To Our Clients and Colleagues

Puerto Rico is focused on restoring investment and reconstructing its infrastructure. Public-private partnerships (P3s) will play a central role in achieving this objective.

CPM, as Technical Advisors to the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority, encourages the public as well as the private sector to download and review the recently released draft RFQs for the following projects:


Higher Education Student Life Project 

This project is focused on improving the quality of life of student and the academic community of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. The project consists of designing, building, financing and operating and maintaining an on-campus student mixed-use housing building, improving parking facilities and modernizing the existing student center. CPM believes this project provides a unique opportunity for local and international developers/investors.

Click here for the draft RFQ – Student Life Project.


Parking Facilities Project

This project entails the modernization and operations and maintenance of a package of existing government-owned parking facilities. This project represents an interesting opportunity with certain real estate elements.

Click here for the draft RFQ for the Parking Facility Project.


Maritime Transportation Services Project

Regarding maritime transportation, the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority contemplates a P3 for the operations and maintenance of the ferry system in Puerto Rico including the municipal islands of Vieques and Culebra. This project represents an iconic transportation project.   

Click here for the draft RFQ for the Maritime Transportation Services Project.


At CPM, we are convinced that partnerships between the public and the private sectors can bring about significant efficiencies and transformations in infrastructure services.

Together we stand to build a better infrastructure for the island of Puerto Rico and, thus, revitalizing its economy.